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Black Clover Season 2 Episode 50
Image Credit: TV Tokyo, Funimation, Crunchyroll

Episode Title:
 The Lives of the Village in the Sticks

Black Clover Episode 101 English Subbed. Yuno regained self miraculously while being affected by transmigration magic. It is Asta fighting with such Yuno, but, before two, head, Lihit of elf group stands in the way at last! 

Black Clover Season 2 Episode 50. Lihit uses a sword which we took away from Asta and sword which appeared all too soon skillfully and tosses about Asta. While the hard fight is forced to, it is Asta and Yuno hitting all attacks desperately? On the other hand, people of the elf who transmigrated in hometown haji village of Asta and Yuno at the farthest land emerge and attack villagers for revenge to a human being!

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